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AODC - An OpenDocument Converter


AODL, AODC and EmbeddedOpenOffice has a new Home!
You should be forwarded to the new site in 10 s, if not use the following link: http://www.opendocument4all.com


AODC will convert OpenDocument text documents into HTML files which are are optimized to be displayed in all popular browser e.g Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word (Vers. 2002 and above). OpenOffice or another Office Suite with OpenDocument support don't have to be installed!

Little FAQ:

Why convert into HTML files instead of converting into Word doc files directly?
The main target of AODC is to make it possible to let all User read and edit OpenDocument documents and HTML is the only format which could be read by every User. User who want to have the document in the Word format only have to save the HTML file as doc file. At least, nonetheless a Word Add In is planned.

Which input format is supported?
Up to now, the only input format is OpenDocument text format. Support for OpenDocument calc documents is planned.

Do I need administration rights for the installation?
No, you wouldn't need adminstration rights. AODC comes without a insallation setup. So you can also run it from an extneral disk. e.g. USB stick. This really of interest for people who don't have the possibilty to copy any software on their computer they used at work. 

Must OpenOffice or another Office Suite installed?
No, there's no need of a installation OpenOffice or another Office suite. The whole text processing will be done by the AODL library.

How much doese it cost?
Nothing! AODC is published under the GPL license.

System requirements:
Any Windows version with installed .net framework runtime.

Which is the latest version?
The latest version is alpha.

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