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AODL, AODC and EmbeddedOpenOffice has a new Home!
You should be forwarded to the new site in 10 s, if not use the following link: http://www.opendocument4all.com

  Green font color means already done, blue font color means available only in the current cvs version and orange i'm working at.

Textdocuments (Priority 1):

  1. Creating Open Document text documents.
  2. Paragraphs, includes support for simpletext, formated text and their possible properties e.g aligments, font styles, .. 
  3. Load existing documents. (experimental)
  4. Textdocument properties. (partitial) 
  5. Support for all in OpenOffice available Fonts.
  6. Lists, numbered and with symbols 
  7. Standard Bookmarks, Bookmark ranges, Tabstops , TabStopStyles, XLinks (Weblinks, ft, telenet)
  8. Texttables, includes support for table styles, table properties, coloumns, column styles column properties, rows, row styles, row properties, cells, cellstyles properties. 
  9. Frame with Images [Formats: Gif, Jpg, Bmp, Png] 
  10. Header and footer support.
  11. Footnotes and Endnotes.
  12. HTML export
  13. Edit and define global style elements
  14. Open created documents with OpenOffice, if installed. Print via OpenOffice, if installed.
  15. Canceld! see FAQ for details Convert resp. Export Open Document to Microsoft Office 2003 xml and vice versa.

Spreadsheet documents (Priority 2)

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