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AODL, AODC and EmbeddedOpenOffice has a new Home!
You should be forwarded to the new site in 10 s, if not use the following link: http://www.opendocument4all.com

  AODL (An Open Document Library) - is a .net library written in C# which help the developer to generate documents in the OASIS Open Document Format without any knowledge about the ODF XML schema. The ODF is the standard format for many office applications e.g Open Office 2.0. The library is published under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL). So feel free to use it within your commercial products. Even the library is 'total' free, it will be nice if add comment link to the AODL website.

The aim of the library is that a developer can build his Open Documents in an objectoriented way. The library uses the Mapper pattern to hide the xml handling for the user. Up to know some parts of the library already exists. See the following example.

////////// Sample Code //////////////////////
TextDocument td		= new TextDocument();
Paragraph p		= new Paragraph(td, "P1");

((ParagraphProperties)p.Style.Properties).Alignment = TextAlignments.end.ToString();
//Add some content
p.TextContent.Add( new SimpleText((IContent)p, "Hallo i'm simple text!"));
FormatedText ft = new FormatedText((IContent)p, "T1", " And i'm formated text!");

((TextProperties)ft.Style.Properties).Bold = "bold";
((TextProperties)ft.Style.Properties).Italic = "italic";
((TextProperties)ft.Style.Properties).Underline = LineStyles.dotted.ToString();

//Add as document content

//Generate and save
I think that will be helpfull library for all .net developer who has to programm for Open Office or Star Office.

Sincerely yours
Lars Behrmann

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