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AODL, AODC and EmbeddedOpenOffice has a new Home!
You should be forwarded to the new site in 10 s, if not use the following link: http://www.opendocument4all.com

  About Embedded OpenOffice Visual Studio AddIn

The Embedded OpenOffice .net Visual Studio .net 2003 Add In extend your IDE with a full functional OpenOffice Tool Window. No, more window switching just create and edit the office files within your Visual Studio IDE.The Add In is written in C# and published under GPL (General Public License). A Plug In for Visual Studio 2005 is in planned.

Release History:

  • 20/11/2005 release complete rewrite, no more startup and repaint problems
  • 15/11/2005 First public release

Known trouble:

  • Don't know if the Add In will work with a OpenOffice version less than 2.0 ?


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