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AODL, AODC and EmbeddedOpenOffice has a new Home!
You should be forwarded to the new site in 10 s, if not use the following link: http://www.opendocument4all.com

  See the list above for differences between the versions. Notice that unreleased mean only the current cvs version of the project provide these changes.

AODL beta

- [ 1385395 ] inch resp. cm error
- [ 1385462 ] Global Liststyle error
- [ 1386394 ] Document drawing exception

AODL beta

Changes and new features
- Changed from Image.Save to File.Copy(source, target) to avoid
  performance trouble.
- Graphic in HTML - now will be displayed with correct width
  and size in pixel
- Paragraph now support mixed content when using the HTML exporter.
  (e.g. 1. text, 2. graphic 3. text). This already supported by
  the default OpenDocument exporter.
- Meta Data support. From now on, AODL offer full support for
  OpenDocument Meta Data. Which mean, get and set all meta data
  e.g. autor, creation date, ....

- Up to now, ListItem.Paragarph will be supported, but it is
  depricated. Use the ListItem IContentCollectio ListItem.Content
  instead. See code snippet section on the homepage for how
  to use it.
- TextDocument.Disposed - there is no more need of call this,
  because Images only would be short loaded, analyzed and immediately

- [ 1381958 ] Illustration Bug fixed
- [ 1383357 ] Table alignment in HTML display
- [ 1383363 ] Table border differ in Browser and Word
  Remarks: The displayed border depents on the used Word
  Vers., because every version depents on differnt HTML engines.
- Not found by user - Paragraph alignment was set to end, but
  thats not a possible setting for CSS alignments.

AODL beta

- Support Headings via class Header
- Support Teble Row Header via class RowHeader
- Recursive loading from unknown content. While a unknown
  content has supported content it will be loaded. With this
  technology. So also contents as Table of contents and alpabetical
  indexes could be loaded.
- Better whitespace handling.
- New interface IHtml, all contents and textcontents that could
  be exported as HTML implement this interface.
- New TextDocument export as HTML. Simple save the TextDocument
  with a html prefix (.html|.htm).
- Some changes to perform faster builing and saving.

28.11.2005 AODL beta

- Fixed bug "Xml special charcter exception"

23.11.2005 AODL beta

- New Pargraph properties border, padding, line spacing
- New Text properties position (subscript/superscript),
  color, background color, shadow, line through, outline
- New Helper class TextPropertieHelper some constants
  for text peropertie settings
- New Helper class Border some constants for border settings
- Add support for Foot- and Endnotes
- Add simple support for Header and Footer

14.11.2005 AODL beta

- Declare AODL as beta software
- Interfaces for document export, so i future it will be
  easy to export a document. Only write an special implemenation
- Interfaces for import (still in development and this
  feature is experimentell)
  use Document.Load("some.odt");
  Noice: All unknown content will be deleted, so if you use this
  always save the loaded file to another filename.
  Supported load types: All types which are creatable within
- use the tab control charcter \t within your text to set
  a tab stop
- New feature TabStopStyles. Up to now you attach a TabStop-
  StyleCollection to ParagraphProperties to control the
  appearance of tab stops.
- New feature Bookmarks. Set standard bookmarks or define
  Bookmark ranges
- New feature XLink. Add simply XLinks to you document.
  Supported Weblink, FTP link, Telnet links

23.10.2005 AODL alpha

- Fixed bug ListItem throws IStyle NotSupported exception

23.10.2005 AODL alpha

- Add support for Frames with images. Supported image
  types gif, jpg, png and bmp

- Add support for available OpenOffice fonts.

- Changed enum FamilyStyles to class with static

16.10.2005 AODL alpha

- Fixed bug [ 1327809 ] Invalid Cast Exception
  Sorry, but the TextDocument throws a Invalid Cast
  Exception if you insert a table where one or more cells
  contain a List.

- Fixed bug [ 1327820 ] Cell styles run into loop
  The cell style names run into a naming loop. So that
  all cells of a column get the same names. The app
  wouldn't crash and OpenOffice could display the table,
  but all cells within a column has the same style

15.10.2005 AODL 1.0.2 alpha

- Add support tables. From now on it's possible to add
  tables to your textdocument.

  Table table	= new Table([TextDocument], "table1");
  table.Init(rows-count, columns-count, width);
  //add cell content

  The table architecture is as expected. You will have
  a table with a style and propeties which have a
  column collection and row collection. Each row and cell
  also have a style and properties. A row has a cell collection.
  Each cell has a style and properties and provide a content
  collection to which you can insert all stuff that
  implements IContent Paragraph, Lists, ..

09.10.2005 AODL 1.0.1 alpha

- Support for numbered and bullet styled lists.

- Provides better usability of the paragraph handling.
  Now, it's possible to create simple blank paragraphs.
  The following code fragement show how to add a blank paragraph.

  [a TextDocument].Content.Add(
		new Paragraph([a TextDocument], ParentStyle.Standard.ToString());

- Now, it's possible to create a new paragraph with simple
  text with one line of code. The following code fragement
  show how to create a paragraph with simple text and it to
  a textdocument within one line of code.

  [a TextDocument].Content.Add(
		new Paragraph([a TextDocument], ParentStyle.Standard, "Some nice text");

05.10.2005 AODL 1.0.0 alpha

- First release.

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